How to sell mercaloop online learn right now and winner cashack?

You will be entitled to 3% cashback on all purchases your friends make and all the companies you referred register on your link when they make sales you will also earn 3% cashback

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At Mercaloop you sell online in an uncomplicated way without any type of initial cost be aware that it will be launched on 11/04 throughout Brazil.

It has a theme very different from the marketplaces we are used to like ebay, amazon and others.

How to sell mercaloop online learn right now and winner cashack? CLICK HERE AND REGISTER

He will literally pay you to sign up. Eventually you will earn R$10.00

As soon as you register it will automatically add the value to your wallet, registering is super simple, just click here.

Mercaloop is a marketplace focused on helping small businesses and small local entrepreneurs, it will operate in all Brazilian national territory.

Understand why Mercaloop will be the largest marketplace in the world.

Ideal for local businesses, beauty salons, workshops and others who want to sell their services and products here is the right place.

In the first place, you can promote your work without any initial cost, just log in and register.

Unlike the big platforms you have to pay to sell here you can sell everything.

Many people ask themselves every day how to sell online in marketplaces.

By registering on mercaloop you already earn the amount of R$10.00 to buy whatever you want


Do you know how to sell online on mercaloop?

Mercaloop home screen the page above will appear after that click on Pre-Register User or Pre-Register Store, in your case you will register as a user.

To have access to all the benefits and earn R$ 10.00 completely free as soon as you enter the platform.

After you click on pre-register, the following screen will appear, see below.

In it you will need to fill in some data to be able to register as a new user.

Você sabe como vender online no mercaloop ?
Você sabe como vender online no mercaloop ?

A code will arrive in your email that you will have to take and enter in the checkbox as in the photo below.

Pay attention to the time expires, if for some reason the time expires and you are not able to enter the code, just click on resend the email.

And a new code will be generated that will arrive in your email.

Você sabe como vender online no mercaloop?
mercaloop registration screen
Depois disso, você será redirecionado diretamente para o seu painel de controle, onde terá seus ganhos por lead, por referido e vendas.

Conforme imagem abaixo, lá você poderá sacar o dinheiro que tem disponível diretamente em sua conta bancária ou utilizar na loja.

Você sabe como vender online no mercaloop ?
Você sabe como vender online no mercaloop ?

mercaloop marketplace earnings dashboard
Do I earn if I refer someone to mercaloop?
Mercaloop’s differential is that it gives you bonuses for referral even if you don’t buy anything on the platform, you’ll still earn for it.

Each of the companies you referred and for each purchase made by your leads.

However the mercaloop marketplace will not pay commissions on sales and purchases from other people to you if you are not active on the platform.

How to stay active on the Mercaloop platform?
Above all, you need to know that to enter the mercaloop marketplace you do not have to pay anything at registration.

You don’t need to buy anything to register on the platform, it’s COMPLETELY FREE.

You just need to stay active within the marketplace and for that to happen it is very simple to buy anything within the platform.

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